The other day a co-worker asked me if we could point our Atlassian FishEye instance at GitHub repositories.  I did some poking around and after having a hard time finding any specific instructions in any one place, I decided to write a post about how I made it work.


  • Admin access to FishEye.
  • Admin access to a GitHub repository.
  • Git client and SSH client installed on the FishEye server and available in the PATH.
  1. Login to FishEye, go to Administration -> Repositories and click "Add Existing...".
  2. Choose "Git" from the dropdown, give it a name/description and click "Next".
  3. Grab the SSH url from your repository in GitHub and enter it into the "Repository Location".
    • Will look something like ""
  4. Under "Authentication Style", choose "Generate key pair for ssh" and click "Generate".
  5. Copy the resulting block of text into your clipboard.
  6. Go to your repository in GitHub, go to "Admin" and choose the "Deploy Keys" tab.
  7. Click "Add another deploy key", name it "FishEye", paste the block of text into the "Key" field and click "Add Key".
  8. Back in FishEye, click "Test Connection" and if all is well, click "Next" and then click "Add".
You will very quickly start seeing that the GitHub repository is being indexed and when done, you'll be off to the races!