Every time I do a home improvement job, the same pattern repeats itself.  Every. Single. Time.I start out trying to "make do" with the tools I have on hand to save myself some money and trips to the hardware store.  In the end, after much time, frustration and cursing (if... [Read More]

Proxying Atlassian Apps - Part Deux

In my previous post I explained how to setup your Atlassian applications behind a proxy server.One of the benefits I didn’t mention was that as your usage grows, if you need to move one (or more) of the applications off onto their own servers, you can do this by getting the application... [Read More]
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Running your Atlassian Apps behind a Proxy Server

The Atlassian suite of applications (JIRA, Confluence, Crowd, FishEye/Crucibleand Bamboo) is an amazing set of tools for anyone trying to run a halfway serious development shop.The easiest way to get started is to install the “standalone” versions, which essentially means each application comes in its own Tomcat instance - this allows for seperation of your application... [Read More]
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